A side project by Sarah Nelson 

In 2013 I was asked by a restaurant in Minneapolis, Corner Table, to design four custom illustrations that they would turn into a screen printed wallpaper behind their bar. 

They wanted an art-deco look with an ironic twist. The illustrations consisted of flappers with eye patches and peg legged dogs. They were a hit. The most recognizable element to these designs were the surrounding swirls.


This launched an ongoing side project: Auslandish. It is a visual style that contains irony, nuggets to find, and focuses well-loved places.


In 2016, Auslandish became an LLC and for 3 years it followed a robot, dinosaur, sasquatch, kraken, and gnomes as they explored cities and parks. 

It's now embarking on another iteration. 

© 2019 By Sarah Nelson

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