Exploring Pollinator Pathways

In Spring of 2019 I had the privilege of working with the Biology department's General Biology and Plants, Food, and Medicine courses as well as the University of St. Thomas' Pollinator Path through SCP!

The final product was a published and printed illustrated activity guide, Exploring Pollinator Pathways, focused on pollinators in the Midwest.

My illustrations from the Activity Guide and Photographs from Doreen Schroeder are on display at the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and at the University of St. Thomas.

Environmental education and sustainable practices are near and dear to my heart. This project was a very special one to work on, and will hopefully empower communities to better care for their pollinators!

Researchers: Students of the 2 biology courses

Experts: Doreen Schroeder and Catherine Grant

Artist Director, Layout, Design, and Illustrator: Sarah Nelson

Partners: SCP + UST Pollinator Path

All illustrations created by Sarah Nelson

© 2019 By Sarah Nelson

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