From Auslandish to WbySN (Works by Sarah Nelson)

For those of you who had followed along, you know that Auslandish has been a big part my my work and life since 2016.

It started as a desire to make original illustrations work more affordable and accessible.

In the past year however, things began to grow and shift and it became clear that I needed to develop a new platform where Auslandish work and my other services could have a home in one combined space. It still fits that vision of accessibility, this is phase II.

So, I have zoomed out.

WbySN is an overarching entity that allows for art licensing, commercial work, private commissions, Auslandish, my deep passion for creative educational material about sustainable living, and so much more to come to life.

To help me focus on illustrations, I have moved the online art shop to Society6. This not only makes my business more sustainable economically, it also allows me to offer a much wider range of products for your everyday life.

Thanks to everyone for following along, and HUGE thank you to all of you who have been supporting WbySN and Auslandish.

It means so much that people would take the time to engage with my work.

It is an exciting new time and I look forward to seeing where this new endeavor leads.

Grateful for all of you and this crazy ride!


© 2019 By Sarah Nelson

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